Anti-YFP-SAP [IT-66, KIT-66]

a tool for eliminating YFP and EYFP expressing cells; targeted via mouse monoclonal antibody to green fluorescent protein, eliminated via saporin

SKU: IT-66 Category: Quantity: Individual 25 ug, Individual 100 ug, Individual 250 ug, Individual 1 mg, Kit w/controls 25 ug, Kit w/controls 100 ug, Kit w/controls 250 ug | Antibody Type: Monoclonal | Host: mouse | Conjugate: streptavidin-saporin | Usage: eliminates cells |

Yellow fluorescent protein (YFP) is a derivative of Green fluorescent protein (GFP) and produced by the T203Y genetic mutation. YFP absorbs green color light at 514 nm wavelength and emits a yellow color light at 527 nm and is commonly used as a non-invasive intracellular pH biosensor or fluorescent indicator for local Ca2+ concentrations.

Anti-YFP-SAP is a bonded conjugate of biotinylated mouse monoclonal antibody to an N-terminal peptide-KLH conjugate representing GFP from the jellyfish Aequorea Victoria, and the secondary conjugate Streptavidin-ZAP (IT-27) containing the ribosome-inactivating protein, saporin. It specifically eliminates cells with extracellular expression of YFP and EYFP-tagged proteins and cells that recognize YOUR YFP and EYFP-tagged recombinant proteins.

Anti-YFP-SAP is available individually (Cat. #IT-66) or as a kit (Cat. #KIT-66) which includes Anti-YFP-SAP and BIgG-SAP Mouse (Cat. #IT-74).