TIP39-SAP [BETA-030]


a tool for eliminating cells that express the PTH2 receptor; targeted via the TIP39 peptide, eliminated via saporin
This kit includes 25 ug TIP39-SAP Kit (BETA-030), 25 ug Blank-Streptavidin-SAP (IT-27B)

SKU: BETA-030 Category: Quantity: 25 ug | Conjugate: streptavidin-saporin | Usage: eliminates cells |

TIP39, tuberoinfundibular peptide of 39 residues, is a neuropeptide isolated from bovine brain that is a potent and selective ligand for the PTH2 receptor (parathyroid hormone-2 receptor). TIP39 is 100-fold more potent than the parathyroid hormone (PTH) on the PTH2 receptor and has little or no effect at the PTH1 receptor. The PTH2 receptor is abundantly expressed in the nervous system and its expression pattern suggests that it may play a role in modulation of pituitary function and in nociception. TIP39 is highly conserved among species where it activates adenylyl cyclase and elevates intracellular calcium levels through the PTH2 receptor. TIP39-SAP can be a helpful tool to study nociception, fear, memory, anxiety, depression, pituitary function, and regulation of blood pressure.

TIP39-SAP eliminates PTH2-receptor expressing cells.

The following control is included for validating the specificity of the beta conjugate: Blank-Streptavidin-SAP (Cat. #IT-27B).

This product is being offered as part of our Beta Testing program. It has saporin activity confirmed, peptide sequences published/confirmed, and/or antibody binding specificity published/confirmed. It has not been characterized or reported in scientific literature. The researcher who first publishes data* will receive a $500 credit for use on ATS products.

*Data subject to review by the scientific team at ATS. See complete details here.

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