Vasopressin-SAP [BETA-023]


This kit includes 25 ug Vasopressin-SAP Kit (BETA-023), 25 ug Blank-Streptavidin-SAP (IT-27B)

SKU: BETA-023 Category: Quantity: 25 ug | Conjugate: streptavidin-saporin | Usage: eliminates cells |

Vasopressin is a peptide hormone mainly involved in the retention of water and constriction of blood vessels. Water retention is controlled by the modulation of water reabsorption in the kidney. Vasopressin is synthesized in the hypothalamus and stored in the posterior pituitary, from where it is released into the bloodstream and the brain, and may play some roles in social behaviors. Vasopressin binds any of 4 receptors, which have tissue-specific expression. Vasopressin-SAP can be used to study haemophilia, septic shock, cardiac arrest, and hyponatremia.

Vasopressin-SAP eliminates cells expressing AVPR1A, AVPR1B, AVPR3, and AVPR2 receptors.

The following control is included for validating the specificity of the beta conjugate: Blank-Streptavidin-SAP (Cat. #IT-27B).

This product is being offered as part of our Beta Testing program. It has saporin activity confirmed, peptide sequences published/confirmed, and/or antibody binding specificity published/confirmed. It has not been characterized or reported in scientific literature. The researcher who first publishes data* will receive a $500 credit for use on ATS products.

*Data subject to review by the scientific team at ATS. See complete details here.

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