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α-1 adrenergic antagonist effect on cholinergic muscarinic receptors.

Kolasa K, Harrell LE, Parsons DS, Conger K (2001) α-1 adrenergic antagonist effect on cholinergic muscarinic receptors. Neuroscience 2001 Abstracts 549.17. Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, CA.

Summary: Cholinergic denervation of cortex and hippocampus in rat causes an unusual neuronal rearrangement, in which peripheral sympathetic fibers, originating from superior cervical ganglia, grow into the cholinergically denervated areas. This process has been termed cortical (CSI) and hippocampal sympathetic ingrowth (HSI). A similar process may occur in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Recent studies suggest that the balance between central adrenergic and cholinergic systems may be important for normal learning and memory, while the alterations of these systems may play a critical role in cognitive deficits of AD. To better understand this situation specific cholinotoxin, 192-IgG-saporin, was intraventricularly (ivc) injected to produce a selective loss of cholinergic cells in rat basal forebrain nuclei, cholinergically denervating hippocampal (HCD) and cortical areas (CCD). This effect was confirmed by significant decrease in choline acetyltransferase activity in all groups and brain structures.192-IgG-saporin injection was followed by a treatment with α1-adrenergic antagonist prazosin to determine the effect on hippocampal and cortical muscarinic acetylcholine receptors (mAChR) and norepinephrine (NE) level. Prazosin (0.5 & 2 mg/kg ip) produced decreases in NE levels of HSI and CSI and induced no significant increase in mAChR affinity in HSI and CSI groups in dorsal hippocampus,anterior and entorhinal cortex. Injected at the dose of 2 mg/kg it increased mAChR density in CSI of both cortical areas. The present results began to define the interaction between adrenergic and cholinergic systems, as α1 antagonist treatment affects mAChR,a potential therapeutic target in AD.

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