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Melanopsin expression in the cornea.

Delwig A, Chaney S, Bertke A, Verweij J, Quirce S, Larsen D, Yang C, Buhr E, VAN Gelder R, Gallar J, Margolis T, Copenhagen D (2018) Melanopsin expression in the cornea. Vis Neurosci 35:E004. doi: 10.1017/S0952523817000359 PMID: 29905117

Objective: To determine melanopsin expression in cornea.

Summary: Found no light-evoked activation of melanopsin-expressing fibers in cornea or in cell bodies in the TG; melanopsin protein might serve other sensory functions in the cornea. One justification for this idea is that melanopsin expressed in Drosophila photoreceptors can serve as a temperature sensor.

Usage: For the primary staining, we used Anti-Melanopsin at 1:5000 for 3 days.

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