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Activation of p75 receptor

Q: I have a few questions about the Alexa488-labeled affinity-purified NGFr antibody (Cat. #AB-N43-FLA). Is it specific to extracellular p75? Can you use it on live cells? Does it work on fixed cells? Does it cause activation of the p75 receptor (i.e., result in apoptosis or changes in axon outgrowth in neuronal cells)?

A: This product does recognize extracellular p75 in both live and fixed cells. As for the activation, that’s an interesting question. There is no evidence of 192-IgG either causing apoptosis or neurite outgrowth as far as I can see. Chandler et al. (1984) report that the antibody “partially inhibits the regeneration of neurites from primed PC12 cells,” and it enhances NGF binding. But that’s about it, despite several studies being done with PC12 cells and in vivo. We assume all this holds upon treatment with 192-IgG-SAP (Cat. #IT-01) — until the cell dies from saporin poisoning.

Chandler CE, Parsons LM, Hosang M, Shooter EM (1984) A monoclonal antibody modulates the interaction of nerve growth factor with PC12 cells. J Biol Chem 259(11):6882-6889.

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