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Destroy Hippocampal Neurons

Q: Is there a saporin derivative available that selectively destroys all or some hippocampal neurons?

A: Assuming that you mean to eliminate cell bodies from the hippocampus, rather than just projections, a neat paper by Martin et al. describes the use of SSP-SAP (Cat #IT-11) to do this. NPY-SAP (Cat. #IT-28) could also be interesting.

Related: SSP-SAP (Cat. #IT-11), NPY-SAP (Cat. #IT-28)


  1. Martin JL et al. Focal inhibitory interneuron loss and principal cell hyperexcitability in the rat hippocampus after microinjection of a neurotoxic conjugate of saporin and a peptidase-resistant analog of substance P. J Comp Neurol 436:127-152, 2001.
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