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Targeted Toxin Format

Q: I ordered a targeted toxin. Will it come in powder form? How do I re-dissolve it?

A: Our Saporin conjugate products are all provided in sterile PBS solution within a concentration range of 0.5 – 3 mg/ml. Saporin is an extremely safe ‘toxin’ to handle in standard laboratory environments when in solution for several reasons. Solutions in general are easier to corral and keep contained than powders and consequently are less likely to accidentally end up on an individual’s skin, tongue, or in one’s eyes. As a lyophilized product, Saporin would also be present at an extremely high concentration such that there is cause for concern should it contact the body of the user in any way. Lastly, our Saporin conjugates have historically required dilution prior to use for both in vitro and in vivo procedures. As such, it is much easier to ensure the amount of material you, as a customer, are receiving and the subsequent dilution is accurately adjusted to your desired concentration when providing these products already in solution. If upon receiving a Saporin conjugate you believe the product to be lyophilized or in a powder form, please contact us immediately, prior to opening the vial.

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