Targeting Cholinergic Neurons

Li J, Rao D, & Gibbs RB. Effects of Cholinergic Lesions and Cholinesterase Inhibitors on Aromatase and Estrogen Receptor Expression in Different Regions of the Rat Brain. (2018). Neuroscience, 384 203-213.

Dose:  Rats received intraseptal injections of 2.0 ml (0.2 mg/ml) or icv injections of 0.4 mcg.  Lesions resulted in loss of ChAT-positive cells in the septum, and ChAT activity in the hippocampus.  Septal infusions eliminated most of the ChAT-IR cells in MS; ChAT activity in hippocampus also significantly decreased.  ChAT activity in the frontal cortex was not significantly affected.

Objective:  To determine if effects of cholinergic inputs on synaptic plasticity and neuronal function are mediated by effects on local estrogen production or ER expression. 

Summary: Selectively destroying cholinergic projections to the hippocampus had little effect on ARO and ER expression in many regions of the rat brain.

Effect of 192-IgG-SAP-induced cholinergic lesions on ChAT immunoreactivity by IHC in the medial septum of rats treated with (A) Saline and (B) 192-IgG-SAP.
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