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Drug-free selection of stable transfectants using rIB4-SAP is the cover article this quarter featuring rIB4-SAP and contributed by Drs. Sato and Watanabe. Make sure you check out our Beta Testing Program. It is a great price and and great opportunity for new products. ATS is also pleased to offer Custom Biotinylation Service — when the “one-step-kit” doesn’t quite meet your needs.

“Targeting Talk” answers questions about dissolving targeted toxins, Anti-DBH-SAP, and flow cytometry services. The latest articles using ATS products are highlighted in Recent Scientific References and the “Targeting Teaser” from last quarter has been corrected. Solve to win a jigsaw puzzle featuring your favorite knockout mouse.

Drug-free selection of stable transfectants using targeted toxin technology and a vector expressing cell-surface carbohydrate-digesting enzyme
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by Masahiro Sato (Ph.D.) and Satoshi Watanabe (Ph.D.)

Related products: rIB4-SAP (Cat. #IT-10)

Beta Testing Program: Great Price/Great Opportunity

Targeting Teaser Correction – Last quarter’s puzzle was posted incorrectly. We are sorry for any inconvenience. It has been corrected and can be solved online. Win a jigsaw puzzle!

Recent Scientific References (read summaries)

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Targeting Talk: Product Questions

  • I ordered a targeted toxin. Will it come in powder form? How do I re-dissolve it? [see answer]
  • I’m interested in your anti-DBH-saporin toxin for lesioning central catecholaminergic neurons. I see from the product description that the antibody used is a mouse monoclonal — designed to specifically target rat DBH. My interest is to produce targeted lesions in mouse transgenic. Will this product still work specifically? Thanks. [see answer]
  • Recently we used your flow cytometry services (Cytometry Research, ATS subsidiary). Based on post flow data analysis needs, I am providing the assay group list below (withheld for confidentiality). [see answer]

Drug-free selection of stable transfectants using rIB4-SAP
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