´╗┐Celebrating Twenty Years of People Who Make ATS Special

Doug Lappi
Founder, President, and Chief Scientific Officer: Doug Lappi (20 yr)
3 Guys
The 3 Guys of Piero della Francesca
Denise Higgins
Founder, Vice President and Targeting Trends Editor: Denise Higgins (20 yr)
Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch 2013: L to R are
Brian Russell, Christian Nguyen (Lab Intern), Leonardo Ancheta, and Patrick Shramm (new Product Manager)
3 Product Managers
The 3 Guys of ATS: Product Managers
Matt Kohls (15 yr), Brian Russell (13 yr), and Leonardo Ancheta (10 yr)
Kristen Hartman
(Website/ Database Manager)
Tom Cobb
(Administrative Manager)
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