Targeting Tools: Anti-RFP

Red fluorescent protein (RFP) is derived from Discosoma sea anemone. This antibody (Anti-RFP, Cat. #AB-332) recognizes native and denatured forms of RFP. The antigen for this antibody is present in all of these fluorescent molecules: RFP, tag-RFP, turbo-RFP, DeRed, mCherry, and mOrange. The epitope for the antibody is part of the RFP N-terminal sequence.

RFP is similar to GFP and can be used as a reporter of expression and transcription marker. It is effective for ELISA, immunoblotting (dot blot and western blot), immunoprecipitation, and immunostaining.

Anti-RFP (Cat. #AB-332)
1:1000 (1 μg/mL) Ab dilution probed against HEK293 cells transfected with RFP-tagged protein vector.
Lane 1: untransfected control
Lane 2: transfected with Turbo-RFP
Lane 3: transfected with DeRed
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