Targeting Trends Newsletter 07q3

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Newsletter Highlights

  • New Targets: Claustrum (page 2)
  • Teaser Winners (page 2)
  • Flow Cytometry Services (page 6)
  • Anti-CD22 and Anti-CD22-SAP (page 7)

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New Targets: The Claustrum

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Targeting Talk

  • Your targeted toxin data sheet gives the following instruction for disposal: “Care in disposal is mandatory; autoclaving or exposure to 1 M sodium hydroxide will inactivate the material. All labware that comes into contact with this material should be likewise treated.” I am wondering if I can deactivate saporin by using 10% bleach or if everything has to be autoclaved?
  • I was wondering if there is any indication that intrastriatal administration of 192-IgG-SAP(Cat. #IT-01) will lesion the cholinergic neurons of the striatum. My sense from reviewing the literature is that these cholinergic neurons are not susceptible to the toxin, but I thought I’d ask to see if you had any information / experience regarding this point.
  • I have a few questions about the Alexa488-labeled affinity-purified NGFr antibody (Cat.#FL-03). Is it specific to extracellular p75? Can you use it on live cells? Does it work onfixed cells? Does it cause activation of the p75 receptor (i.e., result in apoptosis or changes in axonoutgrowth in neuronal cells)?
  • I purchased your secondary conjugate, Mab-ZAP (Cat. #IT-04). I am preparing to do a cytotoxicity assay and I’m wondering if my primary antibody should be sterilized prior to combining with Mab-ZAP?

Upcoming Events

  • Society for Neuroscience, San Diego CA — November 3-7, 2007
  • American Society for Cell Biology , Washington DC — December 1-5, 2007

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