SP-SAP Drug Development Update

Substance P-Saporin (SP-SAP) is a drug candidate that eliminates the spinal cord neurons that send the chronic pain signal to the brain. SP-SAP has been tested in a variety of animal models and proven effective in permanently eliminating the perception of chronic pain. ATS has completed extensive preclinical studies, a GLP toxicology study, and a safety study. SP-SAP is currently being used in a veterinary trial in companion dogs who are suffering from bone cancer. We are hopeful that treatment with SP-SAP will allow for the reduction of opioid administration and restore a better quality of life to these beloved pets.

The ultimate goal is to have SP-SAP approved as a chronic pain drug for humans. ATS plans to meet with the FDA in the next few months to see what final steps are necessary to begin clinical trials. This meeting will determine any additional testing that is needed and will outline the parameters of patient participation and monitoring in a clinical trial. The FDA has recommended that the first population of patients be terminal cancer patients who are non-responsive to opioid treatment. These needy patients currently have no options for pain relief and are being sedated as the only recourse. It is our deepest hope that SP-SAP will allow these patients to be restored to a better quality of life in their last few months to share precious moments with their loved ones. We will continue to keep our website updated on this drug development process.

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