Targeting Tools: HRP-labeled Saporin

HRP-labeled Saporin Goat Polyclonal, Cat. #AB-15AP-HRP

HRP-labeled Anti-SAP can be used to verify binding specificity of a targeted toxin to a cell line expressing the target molecule. By first binding the targeted toxin to protein extract or plate-bound antigen, then binding HRP-labeled Anti-SAP to the targeted toxin, specificity can be confirmed through the use of competing molecules or a control cell line.

This antibody recognizes saporin. Saporin was used as the immunogen. The antibody was coupled to Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP) and dialyzed against PBS.

Saporin (200, 100, 50, and 25 ng) was run on a 10% SDS- PAGE gel and transferred to PVDF membrane. The blot was blocked with 4% NFM/TBS, then incubated overnight with 0.5 μg/ml (Lanes 11-15), 1 μg/ml (Lanes 6-10), or 5 μg/ml (Lanes 1-5) of antibody. The blot was washed and developed with 4- chloro-1-naphthol and hydrogen peroxide.
Lane 1, 6, 11: Molecular weight standards (Invitrogen See-Blue)
Lane 2, 7, 12: 200 ng Saporin
Lane 3, 8, 13: 100 ng Saporin
Lane 4, 9, 14: 50 ng Saporin
Lane 5, 10, 15: 25 ng Saporin
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