Targeting Tools: Anti-Tac (CD25)-SAP

Advanced Targeting Systems has introduced important new toxins for investigation into cells that express the interleukin-2 (IL-2) receptor and especially the workings of the immune system. Anti-CD25-saporin (Anti-Tac-SAP) conjugates are directed to the human IL-2 receptor or to the mouse IL-2 receptor. This marker for activated T lymphocytes allows removal of this important group of cells and determination of their function in numerous important biological responses. The graph below shows the potent cytotoxic activity of the anti-human CD25-saporin toxin (anti-Tac-SAP, Cat. #IT-24).

Cytotoxicity of anti-Tac-SAP and of non-conjugated saporin (Saporin) to SR cells in culture. Cells were plated at 5000 cells/well and allowed to acclimate. Samples were added at the indicated concentrations and cells were incubated for 72 hours. MTS (Promega) was added and, after color development, wells were read with a Molecular Dynamics SpectraMax 340. ED50’s of each compound are color-coded. Data analysis is by PRISM (GraphPad).
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