Substance P-Saporin (SP-SAP) Drug Development Update

Substance P-Saporin (SP-SAP) is under development as a chronic pain therapeutic with tremendous potential to permanently eliminate suffering in many painful diseases and conditions. ATS is awaiting news from the National Institutes of Health on further funding to fulfill FDA requirements to bring SP-SAP to clinical trial in humans.

ATS has a patent on SP-SAP and has completed extensive preclinical studies in animal models. All the results to date demonstrate SP-SAP as an effective, safe treatment for the elimination of chronic pain. With such positive data, intense patient demand, and few options for treatment, it is surprising that this project would not move forward more quickly.

The biggest reason for not rushing forward to FDA-mandated toxicology studies and on to clinical trials is not due to the usual suspects. It’s not negative preclinical data. It’s not lack of positive preclinical data. It’s not proof of efficacy. It’s not indications of toxicity. It’s money.

The United States economy has hurt many businesses and the biotechnology industry is among the hardest hit. Investors are few and most are saving their cash to try to keep their present portfolio companies alive. The $5 million it will take to bring SP-SAP to clinical trial is not a huge sum, and ATS continues to search for foundations, investors, or partners to help speed the process.

ATS remains dedicated to bringing SP-SAP to market to meet the unmet needs of a suffering population. If you have an interest in sponsoring this development, please contact Denise Higgins.

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