Society for Neuroscience (SFN) Symposium October 23-28, 1999 – Miami, Florida

Symposium:  “Exciting New Advances in Pain Research and Treatment Using Receptor Internalization Technologies”

D.A. Thomas, NIDA-NIH (co-chair); R.G. Wiley, Vanderbilt University; W.J. Martin, UCSF; M.J. Iadorola, NIDCR-NIH; P. Mantyh, University of Minnesota; R.M. Caudle, University of Florida (co-chair) 

A press conference was held prior to the Thursday, Oct. 28 symposium. Carl Hall, journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle, covered the issues well.

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The theme of the symposium centered on the Advanced Targeting Systems’ technology: targeting specific cell types using receptor internalization. For further details on this technology, check out the ATS tutorial.

Three of the four speakers, Dr. Ron Wiley, Dr. William Martin, and Dr. Pat Mantyh, presented stunning data utilizing products developed by Advanced Targeting Systems. The products covered were: anti-DBH-Saporin, 192-IgG-SAP, OX7-Saporin, Substance P-Saporin, and a conjugate using a more stable analog of Substance P, SSP-Saporin. All of these targeted toxins are currently available from ATS (see targeted toxins, for more information).