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Staining with FITC-labeled Anti-Saporin

Q: I plan to use your Secondary Antibody Conjugates, Rab-ZAP (Cat. #IT-05), and Fab-ZAP Rabbit (Cat. #IT-57) with my primary antibody and would like to observe eliminated cells using a fluorescence microscope. The idea is to co-culture cancer cells and fibroblast cells, and kill fibroblast cells only with a specific primary antibody. Then I want to observe the eliminated fibroblast cells and take pictures with a fluorescence microscope. Can you recommend a protocol?

A: In order to stain and visualize the cells that are being eliminated, it would be best to stain for Saporin using a fluorescently-tagged antibody such as the FITC-labeled Saporin antibody (Cat. #AB-15AP-FL). By washing off the media after a day, and then staining for saporin, one would illuminate only the cells that have internalized the saporin (marking them for death). The cells that do not stain for saporin will live.

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