SP SAP Drug Development

Chronic Pain Therapeutic

In April of this year ATS applied for funding from National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) for the toxicology studies of Substance P-Saporin (SP-SAP). This $674,000 supplement to a previous NIMH Small Business Innovative Research grant will cover one of the FDA-required safety and toxicology studies and will bring us closer to clinical trials in …

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SP-SAP as Chronic Pain Therapeutic

ADVANCED TARGETING SYSTEMS ANNOUNCES ITS MOLECULAR NEUROSURGERY TECHNOLOGY OPENS DOOR TO PERMANENT RELIEF FOR CHRONIC PAIN SAN DIEGO, CA, NOVEMBER 18, 1999— Chronic, intractable pain afflicts millions of Americans. Pioneering new technology, called molecular neurosurgery and developed by Advanced Targeting Systems, a San Diego-based company, provides the springboard for a one-time injection of a targeted …

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