Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase B E.Coli Recombinant


SKU: PRP-124ENZ Category: Quantity: 20 ug | Host: e. coli | Conjugate: unconjugated |

Methionine sulfoxide reductase B (MsrB) from Escherichia coli is a member of the msrB Met sulfoxide reductase family. The E.coli msrB carries out the reduction of methionine-R-sulfoxide to methionine. msrB possess a metal binding site composed of 2 CXXC motifs. The bound metal (zinc or iron) may stabilize the conformation of the enzymes.

MSRB produced in E.Coli is a single, non-glycosylated polypeptide chain containing 157 amino acids (1-137 a.a.) and having a molecular mass of 17.6kDa. MSRB is fused to a 20 amino acid His-tag at N-terminus & purified by proprietary chromatographic techniques. 


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