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Flow cytometry is a laser-based technology that is used to measure characteristics of biological particles. This is done as the particles travel in suspension one by one past a sensing point.  Flow cytometers have the added capability of being able to sort, or physically separate, cells or particles based on the chemical characteristic of interest.

Services Available

Flow Cytometry Cell Analysis

  • Send us your samples and let ATS provide you with a detailed cell analysis.
Flow Cytometry Staining and Analysis: Univariate Histograms NG6 cells (Clone of NG108-15 cells, a fusion of mouse neuroblastoma and rat glioma cells) were stained with 4 μg of mu p75 antibody for 1 hr, washed, and subsequently incubated for 30 minutes with Anti-Rabbit FITC (2 μg). Data acquired on a BD FACScan and processed with CellQuest software. 91% positive shift seen.

Cell Sorting

  • Send us your samples and let ATS sort them based on your parameters.

Contact us to discuss your flow cytometry project.

Companion Products

These ATS products are labeled with a variety of fluorescent tags including Alexa488, Cy3, Cy5, FITC and HRP. Check out this complete listing or contact us to discuss your flow cytometry project.

How Cell Sorting Works

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