Enkephalin (Leu5) Rabbit Polyclonal [AB-03]


SKU: AB-03 Category: Quantity: 100 ul | Antibody Type: Polyclonal | Host: rabbit | Reactivity: mammalian | Conjugate: unconjugated | Usage: immunoblotting, radioimmunoassay |

Enkephalins are small peptides derived from large precursors (pro-enkephalin A and B) containing multiple enkephalin copies. They are the most abundant opioid peptides in the body and are widely distributed in the brain and the peripheral nervous system and occur also in the adrenal medulla. Several types of neuroendocrine tumors, including pheochromocytomas, neuroblastomas and bronchial and gastrointestinal endocrine tumors, produce enkephalin. They are released from nerve endings of the central nervous system and the adrenal medulla and act as analgesics and sedatives in the body and appear to affect mood and motivation.

This antibody recognizes mammalian [Leu5]Enkephalin. The immunogen was raised in rabbits against rat [Leu5]Enkephalin. The antibody is routinely tested by dot blot.

Applications include immunoblotting and radioimmunoassay.

keywords: enkephalin, Leu5, opioid, medulla, Anti-Enkephalin, brain, neuroscience


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