Z-Kit Promotion

ZAP conjugates are non-targeted saporin conjugates that piggyback on to your primary targeting agent (antibody or biotinylated material).

Start November with a research tool with a trusted and proven track record.  The secondary conjugate that started them all, Mab-ZAP can be used for screening your mouse antibodies for selective binding and internalization.   
     Through the end of the month, buy any size ZAP Internalization Kit and receive a second kit of the same size for free.

Order online and use promo code:  ZAPit

Qualifying products:
chicken IgY:       Chick-ZAP  (KIT-62)
goat IgG:              Goat-ZAP (KIT-36)
guinea pig IgG:  gPIG-ZAP (KIT-64)
human IgG:         Hum-ZAP  (KIT-22); Fab-ZAP human  (KIT-51);
                                   FabFc-ZAP human  (KIT-65)
human IgM:        Hug-M-ZAP (KIT-43); Fab-ZAP Hug-M (KIT-78)
mouse IgG:         Mab-ZAP (KIT-04); Fab-ZAP mouse  (KIT-48)
mouse IgM:        Anti-M-ZAP (KIT-30)
rabbit IgG:          Rab-ZAP (KIT-05); Fab-ZAP rabbit (KIT-57)
rat IgG:                 Rat-ZAP (KIT-26);  Fab-ZAP rat (KIT-55)

biotinylated materials:  Streptavidin-ZAP
KIT-27-Ahu – human antibody
KIT-27-Amu – mouse antibody
KIT-27-Arb – rabbit antibody
KIT-27-Art – rat antibody

*Not good with any other promotion.  Due to the complex calculations involved in some promotion discounts, discount pricing will be verified after submission of online order.  The final pricing will be emailed to the purchaser for verification prior to shipping the order.

     Offer expires 30 November 2019.