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The latest edition of Targeting Trends, the quarterly newsletter from Advanced Targeting Systems, is now available online.  For the first time you will be given access and introduced to the strategic partners that ATS entrusts with key aspects of delivering to you the best in targeted conjugate technology and the latest antibodies.  In our ‘Letter from the President’ you can discover whom to contact if you need to source your own targeted conjugate, or outsource assay development and operations to a GLP certified CRO, or simply handle global shipment logistics for your growing company.

Our cover article, Targeted lesioning reveals role of nucleus incertus in the anxiogenic effect of buspirone, continues the Dawe’s lab’s work with CRF-SAP in the nucleus incertus and offers greater clarity on the role of buspirone in anxiety modulation.  We have also added to the team here at ATS, so check out Targeting Talk to learn about our newest Product Manager and what she’s working on, as well as a sneak preview of new products coming soon.

As always, our feline ATS mascot has been up to his usual mischief with the photos to prove it.

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Targeted lesioning reveals role of nucleus incertus in the anxiogenic effect of buspirone

By Jigna Rajesh Kumar, [a, b, c, d] Ramamoorthy Rajkumar, [a, b, c] Liying Corinne Lee, [a, b, c] Gavin S. Dawe [a, b, c, d] [a] Dept Pharmacology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University Health System, National University of Singapore, 117600, Singapore [b] Neurobiology and Ageing Programme, Life Sciences Institute, National University of Singapore, 117456, Singapore [c] Singapore Institute for Neurotechnology (SINAPSE), 117456, Singapore [d] NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS), National University of Singapore, 117456, Singapore

From the President: Strategic Partners

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