New Product Manager Alena Bishop

In this quarter’s Targeting Talk, ATS is proud to talk about more than new products, a new Product Manager! Her name is Alena Bishop and although originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she recently graduated from UCSD in June of this year. With a newly minted degree in Molecular Biology and ATS’s need for a Research Associate with just such a pedigree, it has proved to be an excellent match. Since starting in July, Alena has taken quickly to the innovative work being done in the lab and appreciates participating in the development of products that play such an important role in the everyday research of so many scientists globally. Eager to dive into the customer-facing aspects of our products, she looks forward to engaging with each of you regarding any technical questions you may have.


She’s here to tell you, in her own words, what she is working on and what products to look forward to:

“One of the projects I have been working on involves a novel use of specific strains of Clostridium botulinum that inhibits cells by blocking the release of neurotransmitters. This effect is long-lasting but not permanent, and this attribute gives the toxin great potential as a new targeted payload. This toxic payload could be used to temporarily prevent cell function without actually killing the cells, and coupled with ATS’s targeting technology this treatment could be administered specifically to cells of interest. Avoiding killing the cells completely would provide a life-like model to study the effects of temporary loss of cell function in organisms. After a certain period of time, the effects of the toxin would disappear, restoring normal neuronal cell function. My immediate goal is to put the finishing touches on an assay kit for quantifying the activity of Clostridium botulinum useful for a variety of strains. Look for this activity assay kit to be released in the coming quarter!”