From the President: New Beginnings

It’s a new year. 2016. Another year passed and a brand new one to look forward to. After more than 21 years of serving the scientific community, Advanced Targeting Systems is making some changes and putting a ‘fresh face’ on things. Don’t worry, we will still provide the same high level of service and expertise to help you move your research and discovery efforts forward.


One of the changes we have in store is a facelift for Targeting Trends, which Brian Russell (VP of Business Development) will be taking on as the new Editor in the next issue. This was going to happen with this first issue of the year, but as you can see by the beautiful picture here, he has had his hands full with the latest addition to his family. We are all so happy for him and Candi.

Besides his new role as Editor, Brian has also done a tremendous job with a redesign of the website — executed skillfully and artfully by our webmaster and database guru, Kristen Hartman. We look forward to the exciting new business development directions Brian will be unfolding.

Those are some of the new things in store for us this year. But before I close, a quick look back. Our illustrious leader, former president, founder, and scientific genius, Doug Lappi, continues to guide our science team and is enjoying a much-deserved ‘semi-retirement’ with his wife, Darlene. He still comes in every week and meets with the scientists and often gives us a challenge at the ping-pong table!


I want to take this opportunity to state very clearly for all to read (old customers, new customers, friends, cat lovers, chronic pain drug development followers — everyone): Doug Lappi is the Sower of the Saporin seeds that bloomed into a successful company dedicated to providing quality targeting reagents for scientific research and pharmaceutical development. His contributions to science, and the research tools his work has provided, have not only made ATS a successful company, but have advanced the careers of scientists throughout the world. Thank you, Doug.