Targeting Talk: Using Kit Controls

Q: Your targeted toxin kits come with different controls. I’m not sure of the best way to use them; there is included unconjugated antibody, unconjugated saporin, and a control conjugate, mouse IgG-SAP. Should I use them all in the same experiment or for different purposes?

A: For mouse IgG-containing conjugates, the ideal control is Mouse IgG-SAP (Cat. # IT-18). Mouse IgG-SAP — that is, saporin conjugated to mouse IgG — that has no specific antigen for targeting is the best control. Unconjugated saporin is still considered a second good control, useful in cases where down-regulation by the antibody is a concern.

Q: Which control is best to use with Octreotide-SAP?

A: The best control to use with Octreotide-SAP is Blank-SAP (Cat. #IT-21). Blank-SAP serves as a control for all our peptide-targeted SAP conjugates. Listed below are the appropriate controls to use with our primary saporin conjugates.

Blank-CTA (IT-61) peptide-targeted CTA conjugates SP-CTA and Neurotensin-CTA
Blank-SAP (IT-21) peptide-targeted SAP conjugates SSP-SAP, MOR-SAP, CRF-SAP, NPY-SAP, CCK-SAP, Galanin- SAP, Bombesin-SAP, Oxytocin- SAP, Neurotensin-SAP, NK3- SAP, Dyno-SAP and NMB-SAP
Fab IgG-SAP (IT-67) goat IgG Fab-ZAP secondary conjugates Fab-ZAP mouse, Fab-ZAP human, Fab-ZAP rat, Fab-ZAP rabbit and FabFc-ZAP human
Goat IgG-SAP (IT-19) goat IgG-containing targeted toxins Mab-ZAP, Rab-ZAP, Hum-ZAP, Rat-ZAP, Anti-M-ZAP, Hug-M- ZAP and gPIG-ZAP
Human IgG-SAP (IT-49) human IgG-containing targeted toxins custom conjugates
Mouse IgG-SAP (IT-18) mouse IgG-containing targeted toxins 192-IgG-SAP, OX7-SAP, Anti- DBH-SAP, ME20.4-SAP, Anti- SERT-SAP, Anti-CD25-SAP human, Mac-1-SAP rat, Anti- CD22-SAP, Anti-6 His-ZAP, Anti- GFP-ZAP, Anti-Basigin2-SAP, Anti-V5-ZAP, and Anti-FLAG (M5)-ZAP
Mouse IgM-SAP (IT-41) mouse IgM-containing targeted toxins Anti-M-ZAP
Rabbit IgG-SAP (IT-35) rabbit IgG-containing targeted toxins mu p75-SAP, GAT1-SAP, Goat- ZAP, Anti-ChAT-SAP, Melanopsin-SAP and Chick-ZAP
Rat IgG-SAP (IT-17) rat IgG-containing targeted toxins Mac-1-SAP, Anti-DAT-SAP, Anti- CD25-SAP mouse and Anti- CD103-SAP