Targeting Talk: conjugated Lauric Acid antibody

Does AB-T183 (Lauric Acid Rat Polyclonal, Conjugated) recognize lauric acid alone, or does it need to be conjugated to something (a protein carrier)?

This antibody targets conjugated Lauric Acid. It does not recognize free lauric acid. Antisera was preabsorbed on protein carriers and ammonium sulfate-purified. Using a conjugate Lauric acid-Gluteraldehyde-Protein Carrier (PC), antibody specificity was performed with an ELISA test by competition experiments with the following compounds:

CompoundsCross-Reactivity Ratios
Lauric acid-PC1
Caprylic acid-PC1/300
Myristic acid-PC1/400
Palmitic acid-PC1/>50,000
Caproic acid-PC1/>50,000
Oleic acid-PC1/>50,000

Usage: Applications include immunohistochemistry (1/500-1/2,000) and immunocytochemistry.
Controls: Lauric Acid, conjugated, Cat. #AG-183