Targeting Talk: Product Questions

I have a question regarding your antibody to NGF (p75) receptor antibody (Cat. #AB- N01AP). Could you please tell me how you determined that it is a blocking antibody? Has this information been published?

Thank you for your interest in our products and your message via our website. I would be happy to help answer your question regarding AB-N01AP, affinity-purifed anti-NGFr (p75). We list on our website that one application for this antibody is for blocking the function of nerve growth factor receptor. This information was presented in an abstract at the Society for Neuroscience Meeting held in 1994.

Huber LJ, Lee K-F, Dreyfus CF, Chao MV (1994) Generation and characterization of a murine p75 receptor blocking antibody. Soc Neurosci Mtg, Miami Beach FL, Abstract #23-12.

Here is a link to the references page on our website that lists other publications describing applications for this antibody.

I plan to use your Secondary Antibody Conjugates, Rab-ZAP (Cat. #IT-05), and Fab- ZAP Rabbit (Cat. #IT-57) with my primary antibody and would like to observe eliminated cells using a fluorescence microscope. The idea is to co-culture cancer cells and fibroblast cells, and kill fibroblast cells only with a specific primary antibody. Then I want to observe the eliminated fibroblast cells and take pictures with a fluorescence microscope. Can you recommend a protocol?

In order to stain and visualize the cells that are being eliminated, it would be best to stain for Saporin using a fluorescently-tagged antibody such as the FITC-labeled Saporin antibody (Cat. #FL-02). By washing off the media after a day, and then staining for saporin, one would illuminate only the cells that have internalized the saporin (marking them for death). The cells that do not stain for saporin will live.