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Role of Cell Fate Determinants in a Model of Spinal Cord Neurotoxic Lesion Induced by Cholera Toxin B-Saporin – read article (continued on page 6)

Contributed by Rosario Gulino, Vincenzo Perciavalle and Massimo Gulisan
Dept of Physiological Sciences, Univ of Catania, Viale Andrea Doria, 6-I95125 Catania ITALY

Product information related to cover article: CTB-SAP (Cat. #IT-14)

Poster at American Assocation for Cancer Research Meeting

Targeting Teaser Winners

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  • FENS (Forum of European Neuroscience) • July 3-7, 2010 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands• Booth #507
  • SFN (Society for Neuroscience) • November 14-17, 2010 • San Diego, CA• Booth #3525

Recent Scientific References (read online)

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  • Potes CS, Turek VF, Cole RL, Vu C, Roland BL, Roth JD, Riediger T, Lutz TA (2010) Noradrenergic neurons of the area postrema mediate amylin’s hypophagic action. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. (Cat. #IT-18)

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