Targeting Talk: Testing Lots of Orexin-SAP

Our lab has been working with Orexin-SAP (Cat. #IT-20) and we need to order more to complete our experiments. Unfortunately, your website says the product is discontinued. Could you let us know why you have stopped selling Orexin-SAP? Is it possible for us to get more of it in the future?

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Orexin-SAP. We have been working for several months to try to produce a new lot of this targeted toxin. We discontinued the sale of this targeted toxin because we could not validate the product. We have a Quality Control (QC) assay, but the material we prepared did not perform to the level of the previous Orexin-SAP that we have been selling for several years.

Peptides made by three different suppliers have been conjugated; none performed as the previous lot of Orexin-SAP did. We don’t have an explanation for why the new material doesn’t work in our in vitroQC assay. We decided it was best to discontinue distribution of Orexin-SAP.

Since announcing the decision to discontinue Orexin-SAP, we have heard from several scientists, such as yourself, expressing the need for more of this targeted toxin. ATS is proud of our reputation for quality targeting reagents, and we are reluctant to promote a product for which we cannot provide QC data.

So, we came up with a solution. We do not currently have in vitro or in vivo data for any of the new lots of Orexin-SAP, and are entertaining proposals for a collaboration with experienced researchers who will test these lots and share their data with us. Collaborators will receive samples from 2-4 different lots of Orexin-SAP, and aliquots of Blank-SAP (control conjugate) will be provided at no charge.

Contact us if you are interested in this opportunity. We look forward to working with you.