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Ablation of GRPR+ Neurons in the Spinal Cord by Bombesin-Saporin Knocks Out Itch Sensation in Mice Without Affecting Pain Circuit – read article (continued on page 6)

Contributed by Zhou-Feng Chen, Yang-Gang Sun, Zhong-Qiu Zhao, Xiu-Li Meng, Jun Yin, Xian-Yu Liu Washington University Pain Center School of Medicine, Dept of Anesthesiology, St. Louis, MO 63141 Product information related to cover article: Bombesin-SAP (Cat. #IT-40) and Blank-SAP (Cat. #IT-21)

Recent Scientific References – read online

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  • Zhang L, Moffatt-Bruce SD, Gaughan AA, Wang JJ, Rajab A, Hadley GA (2009) An anti-CD103 immunotoxin promotes long-term survival of pancreatic islet allografts. Am J Transplant 9:2012-2023. (Cat. #IT-18)
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  • Aisa B, Gil-Bea FJ, Marcos B, Tordera R, Lasheras B, Del Rio J, Ramirez MJ (2009) Neonatal stress affects vulnerability of cholinergic neurons and cognition in the rat: Involvement of the HPA axis. Psychoneuroendocrinology [Epub Jun 6]. (Cat. #IT-01)

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