Targeting Talk: Product Questions

Could you please tell me if the Somatostatin 14 antibody (Cat. #AB-04) will also pick up the Somatostatin 28 residue?

Yes, it will, because they share the sequence of SS14. However, the Somatostatin-28 antibody (Cat. #AB-05) will not see Somatostatin-14.

Could you confirm if Anti-Conjugated Caprylic Acid (Cat. #AB-T084) can detect Caprylic acid unconjugated with BSA or only the protein conjugated with BSA or with another carrier protein?

This antibody does not need BSA to be present or conjugated in order for it to bind Caprylic acid. However, it DOES need to be used in the presence of gluteraldehyde in order to create the proper epitope for the antibody to recognize the Caprylic acid.

We are using SSP-SAP (Cat. #IT-11) to lesion NK-1r-bearing neurons. I have the conjugate diluted in solution and was wondering whether or not it is okay to leave it out at room temperature overnight? I would like to use an aliquot over a period of two days. Also, would it be okay to combine it the next day to a new, thawed aliquot?

We suggest, instead of leaving material out at room temperature, that you store at 4°C over the two days. Yes, you can combine samples.

Regarding your HRP-labeled Antibody to p53 (Cat. #AB-236), your data sheet states the antigen was 15-40 a.a. Does this a.a. count from N-terminus?

There was an error on the data sheet which has since been corrected. The AB-236 immunogen is a KLH-conjugated peptide corresponding to amino acids 6-45. The numbering does start from the N-terminus.