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  • Melanopsin-SAP (page 2)
  • European office open (page 2)
  • Teaser Winners (page 5)
  • New Antibodies: HSA and Saporin (page 7)
  • Complete and Submit the Targeting Teaser online!

Selective lesions of amygdala intercalated neurons using the Dermorphin-SAP immunotoxin reveal their role in conditioned fear. – read article (continued on page 6)

Contributed by Ekaterina Likhtik Columbia University, New York Psychiatric Institute, 1051 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10032 Product information related to cover article: Dermorphin-SAP (Cat. #IT-12), Blank-SAP (Cat. IT-21)

Control Circadian Rhythm? (Melanopsin-SAP, Cat. #IT-44) – read article

Our New Office in Europe — Welcome Bas and Jan!

Recent Scientific References – read online

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  • Mandolesi L, De Bartolo P, Foti F, Gelfo F, Federico F, Leggio MG, Petrosini L (2008) Environmental Enrichment Provides a Cognitive Reserve to be Spent in the Case of Brain Lesion. J Alzheimers Dis 15:11-28. (Cat. #IT-01)
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Targeting Talk (see text)

  • Saporin Clearance

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  • Society for Neuroscience (SfN), Washington, D.C. — November 14-19, 2008 — Booth #523
  • American Society for Cell Biology, San Francisco, CA — December 12-17, 2008 — Booth #1543

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