Targeting Talk: Saporin Clearance

I am planning an experiment to investigate the effects of ablation of spinal NK-1r-expressing cells (using intrathecal injection of SSP-SAP Cat#IT-11). In the first part of the experiment I want to destroy the NK-1r-expressing cells before surgical modification. I am unsure how long after injection of SSP-SAP I should carry out the surgery. I was thinking of carrying out surgery at the two-week time point as in a 2007 Neuroscience paper by Wiley et al.(1) Their immunocytochemistry showed a large reduction in staining at this time point. Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated.

Two weeks is probably fine. Generally cells begin to lose function at four days, but people wait longer because there is a clean-up by microglia/macrophage that removes the markers that people use for detection/demonstration of efficacy. Mantyh et al. were conservative with a 30-day wait for saporin clearance.(2)


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