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Selective lesion of basal forebrain cholinergic neurons in mice with the mu p75-saporin immunotoxin: Neuroanatomy and behavior – read article  (continued on page 6)

Contributed by Pierre-Henri Moreau, Brigitte Cosquer, Hélène Jeltsch, Jean-Christophe Cassel, Chantal Mathis Laboratoire d’Imagerie et de Neurosciences Cognitives, UMR7191 CNRS, Equipe de Neurobiologie Cognitive et Comportementale, Université Louis Pasteur, IFR 37 de Neurosciences, GDR 2905 CNRS, 12 rue Goethe, 67000 Strasbourg, FranceProduct information related to cover article: mu p75-SAP (Cat. #IT-16), 192-IgG-SAP (Cat. #IT-01)

ATS Licenses SP-SAP to Advanced Pain Therapeutics – read article

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Upcoming Events

  • Experimental Biology , San Diego CA, Booth #1135 — April 5-9, 2008
  • American Association for Cancer Research, San Diego, CA, Booth #1139 — April 12-16, 2008

Recent Scientific References – read online

  • Moreau PH, Cosquer B, Jeltsch H, Cassel JC, Mathis C (2008) Neuroanatomical and behavioral effects of a novel version of the cholinergic immunotoxin mu p75-saporin in mice. Hippocampus [Epub Feb 27]. (Cat. #IT-16Cat. #IT-01)
  • Pijpers A, Winkelman BH, Bronsing R, Ruigrok TJ (2008) Selective impairment of the cerebellar C1 module involved in rat hind limb control reduces step-dependent modulation of cutaneous reflexes. J Neurosci 28:2179-2189. (Cat. #IT-14)
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  • Khan IM, Wart CV, Singletary EA, Stanislaus S, Deerinck T, Yaksh TL, Printz MP (2008) Elimination of rat spinal substance P receptor bearing neurons dissociates cardiovascular and nocifensive responses to nicotinic agonists. Neuropharmacology 54:269-279. (Cat. #IT-07Cat. #PR-01)
  • Domico LM, Cooper KR, Bernard LP, Zeevalk GD (2007) Reactive oxygen species generation by the ethylene-bis-dithiocarbamate (EBDC) fungicide mancozeb and its contribution to neuronal toxicity in mesencephalic cells. Neurotoxicology 28:1079-1091. (Cat. #IT-33)
  • Li A, Emond L, Nattie E (2008) Brainstem catecholaminergic neurons modulate both respiratory and cardiovascular function. Adv Exp Med Biol 605:371-376. (Cat. #IT-03; Cat. #IT-18)

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  • mu p75-SAP (Cat. #IT-16) – read article
  • Flow Cytometry Tools (WBLyse™, Cat. #FL-08; CFSE Compensation Kit, Cat. #FL-13)

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