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  • Spring Brain Conference (page 2)
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  • Neurotransmitter Antibodies (page 7)

Safety and Efficacy of Substance P-SAP- read article (continued on page 6)

by Jeffrey W. Allen, Ph.D. The author is currently a Senior Scientist in Emerging Therapies at Medtronic Neurological located in Minneapolis, MN. There is no association, financial or otherwise, between Medtronic, Inc. and Advanced Targeting Systems.

Product information related to cover article: SP-SAP (Cat. #IT-07), Saporin (Cat. #PR-01)

Targeting Teaser Winners

Upcoming Events

  • Forum of European Neuroscience, Vienna Austria, July 7-12, Booth #514
  • Intl Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, Madrid Spain, July 15-20, Booth #510
  • University of Minnesota, Minneapolis MN, Vendor Showcase, July 20
  • University of California, San Diego CA, Vendor Showcase, August 31

Spring Brain Conference: March 14-17, 2007

Recent Scientific References – read online

Targeting Talk: Retrograde Transport

  • I have a question about the issues raised in the last edition of Targeting Trends (Volume 7, Issue 2). There is a comment “In fact, we recommend that you wait two weeks at least to see immunohistological evidence of a toxic effect after injection of a saporin toxin in vivo.” Are there data to support this recommendation? As a researcher who utilizes your toxin products I often get asked about the time course of toxin action. It’s difficult to answer because the literature is currently limited with regard to in vivo toxin application. Any citations, advice, or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  • Do you have a product which can be used to produce retrograde lesions WITHOUT killing cells at the site of injection? What I’d like to do is to kill neurons that project to an efferent nucleus without damaging neurons in the efferent nucleus itself.

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