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Effects of Intraseptal Orexin-Saporin on Spatial Memory – read article (continued on page 6)

by Kevin Pang and Heidi Smith, Bowling Green State University, Dept Psychology, Bowling Green, Ohio

Product information related to cover article: Orexin-SAP (Cat. #IT-20)

17th Annual Spring Brain Conference (

Targeting Teaser Winners

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Targeting Talk: Dose Ranging

  • We just completed surgeries where we implanted third ventricular cannulas and temporary bilatera cannulas directed into the nucleus tractus solitarius in the brainstem of animals. We injected either the Blank-SAP control toxin or the experimental material Oxytocin-SAP into the bilateral NTS cannulae over a 30-second period. However, within the next week-two weeks post-surgery, we lost 13 of the 19 animals treated; they appeared not to be able to groom properly and lost over 20% of their body weight. This was apparent in both the Blank-SAP and the Oxytocin-SAP groups. We gave a dose of 40 ng/300 nl for each of the reagents. This dose was determined based on a published article using another of ATS’s targeted toxins. I’m very surprised by my results. Can you offer any explanation/advice?
  • Is there some kind of formula that one can use that will help determine a starting point for establishing a range of doses to test in animals prior to initiating a study? For example, if the targeted toxin is administered intravenously, does it take more or less material than when administered directly into tissue?

This brilliant artistic expression is a creation of this issue’s Nobel Prize winner as featured in the Targeting Teaser on the back cover. The title of this piece is Hamadryad.

Effects of Intraseptal Orexin-SAP on Spatial Memory – read article (continued from page 1)

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  • New Fluorescent Antibody: Cy3-labeled Anti-murine NGFr (Cat. #FL-05) – read article
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