Targeting Trends Newsletter 05q2

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Newsletter Highlights

  • SP-SAP therapeutic update(page 2)
  • Teaser Winners (page 2)
  • Control toxins (page 7)

Noradrenergic inputs to the medial amygdala originate in the A1 and A2 cells groups and release norepinephrine after mating stimulation sufficient to induce pseudopregnancy – read article
(continued on page 6)

Contributed by Lesley E. Northrop, Nicole Cameron and Mary Erskine, Department of Biology, Boston University.

Product information related to cover article: Anti-DBH-SAP (Cat. #IT-03)

SP-SAP : How It’s Different From Substance P Antagonists – read article

Targeting Teaser Winners

Recent Scientific References – read online

Targeting Talk: Cytotoxicity of Unbound Saporin

  • We are re-examining some data collected using an immunotoxin not prepared by your company (VChAT-sap). Our results in vivo indicated that there were nonspecific effects although the creators claimed it was specific. We ran a Western Blot and determined that about half the saporin was not bound to the antibody. This may have been the problem but I want to confirm the cytotoxicity of unbound saporin. Can you confirm that? Further, the antibody in question never bound selectively in ferret tissue. Does this suggest a problem as well? Can you give me information on the best way to design and test an immunotoxin.

Norepinephrine Release After Mating Stimulation – read article (continued from page 1)

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