Targeting Trends Newsletter 03q3

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Newsletter Highlights

  • Dr. Rania Siam joins ATS team (page 2)
  • SP-SAP update (page 2)
  • Dosing, Volume & Animal Care (page 5)
  • Targeting Dopamine Transporter (page 7)

A New Immunotoxin for Targeting Dopaminergic Neurons

Targeting results with anti-DAT-SAP shown in the Figure are reprinted by permission of Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers.The original was published in Cell Mol Neurobiol 23:839-850,2003.

Product information related to cover article: Anti-DAT-SAP (Cat. #IT-25)

Dr. Rania Siam Joins ATS Team of Scientists

Substance P-Saporin (SP-SAP) Drug Development Update

Recent Scientific References

Targeting Talk: Dosing, Volume, and Animal Care

  • When performing intraparenchymal injections of immunotoxin, what is the proper volume to use? Is it better to induce two half-portions per hemisphere or is a higher concentration better? At what concentration do you expect necrosis or inflammation
  • I have been doing research with 192-Saporin for 2-3 years now. I have read in the literature that animals with cholinergic lesions often get sick following surgery and require potatoes, apples, lettuce and saline injections. They may even stop eating or drinking all together. I have followed these practices in the past, but stopped when it didn’t seem to make a difference. (I use a very small insignificant dose that is not prone to make animals ill). This is the first death I have had even remotely possibly related to the toxin. In short, the animal lost 64 grams over a period of 2 weeks, and expired 1-2 days thereafter. I weighed her at death and she was 139 grams (91 gram difference from her initial surgery weight). The rats in our colony are fed and given water ad libitum. However, we think that she dehydrated. She was given the same dose (1.1 microliters) as all of the other rats in the experiment. I do have other rats that were given injections from the same lot that do not appear to be sick or losing weight. I’m not sure what you can do with this information, but I would be grateful for whatever help you can offer.
  • Another one of my 192-Saporin-treated rats is having an adverse reaction, including paralysis of the lower extremities. She has lost 40 grams in the past 3-4 days. Could this be Purkinje cell damage; does that happen after five weeks?

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Targeting Tools: Targeting Dopamine Transporter

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