Targeting Talk: Custom Antibody-Saporin Conjugates

How do I know my antibody will work in an immunotoxin?

We recommend that you use one of our second immunotoxins (secondary conjugates) to test for specificity and internalization of your antibody.

How much antibody do I need to provide for a custom conjugation?

The required quantity is 8-15 mg of purified monoclonal antibody.

How much of the saporin conjugate will that give me?

The yield is 15-30% in mg of immunotoxin from the number of mg of original antibody.

What is the ratio of saporin to antibody?

The amount of saporin can vary between 1.5-3 moles saporin per mole of antibody.

What quality control is involved?  Will you provide product specifications such as average saporin to antibody ratio?

We monitor the reactions and purification by several means.  The product is confirmed by gel electrophoresis. A data sheet will be provided when we ship the immunotoxin to inform you of final average molecular weight.

What is the cost of a custom immunotoxin preparation? How long will it take to complete?

The standard cost of an antibody-saporin conjugation is US$4500.00 (as of Dec 2007).  From the time we receive the purified antibody to the time we ship out the finished conjugate is 2-3 weeks.

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