Targeting Trends Newsletter 01q4

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Newsletter Highlights

  • Surfers with a Cause (page 2)
  • Time Course of Action (page 5)
  • Orexin-SAP (page 7)

Immunolesioning Hippocampal Inhibitory Interneurons

Dr. Robert Sloviter, University of Arizona, contributes this issue’s article from the laboratories of ATS customers. Dr. Sloviter summarizes his research with SSP- saporin, which he and his graduate student Jennifer Martin used to examine the role of inhibitory neurons in maintaining normal network excitability.

Product information related to cover article: SSP-SAP (Cat. #IT-11)

ATS Receives $900,000 in NIH Funding

Recent Scientific References

Targeting Talk: Time Course of Targeted Toxins

  • How long does it take to see the cell death occurring from the use of targeted toxins using saporin? Is there a time course of hours or days?
  • Will this time course be the same regardless of the targeted toxin used or the method of administration?
  • What are some assays/methods to use to be able to graphically demonstrate cell death?

Targeting Ticklers (Jokes)

Targeting Teaser Winners from last issue

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Targeting Technology Tutorial

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