Targeting Trends Newsletter 01q3

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Newsletter Highlights

  • A Field Trip to Torrey Pines State Reserve (page 2)
  • Targeted Toxin Delivery (page 5)
  • Saporin, a Ribosome-Inactivating Protein (page 7)

Dermorphin-SAP Kills MOR-Positive Cells

Product information related to cover article: Dermorphin-SAP (Cat. #IT-12)

A Tribute to Thomas J. Walsh, Ph.D.

Going to Work is Like a Walk in the Park

Featured Neuroscience Antibodies: Nerve Growth Factor (p75) Receptor

Recent Scientific References

Targeting Talk: In Vivo Delivery of Targeted Toxins

  • What are the options for delivery of targeted toxins?
  • When injecting directly into tissue, are there any special techniques that should be used?
  • What sort of special care should be given to the animal after administration of the targeted toxin?

Targeting Ticklers (Jokes)

Targeting Teaser Winners from last issue

Targeting Tools: Featured Products

Targeting Technology Tutorial

Targeting Teaser (Jumble)