Targeting Trends Newsletter 01q1

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Newsletter Highlights

  • Merging of technology makes everyone a winner (page 1-2)
  • Targeted Toxins: Safe, effective in vivo administration (page 5)
  • IB4-Saporin, Neuroscience Antibodies (page 7)

Immunolesioning: From Spinal Cord to Brain

Dr. Ann Schreihofer, University of Virginia, contributes this issue’s article from the laboratories of ATS customers. Dr. Schreihofer summarizes her research with anti-DBH-SAP (Cat. #IT-03) to immunolesion specific rostral ventral medulla neurons that project to the spinal cord by injection of anti-DBH-SAP into the rat spinal cord. The toxin is taken up and retrogradely transported to the cell bodies, eliminates protein synthesis and causes cell death. She examines the effect of neuronal loss on sympathetic nerve activity and arterial pressure.

ATS Joins Forces with Cytometry Research

Jennifer Martin wins “ATS Abstract of the Year Award”

Recent Scientific References

Targeting Talk: In vivo Use of Targeted Toxins

  • Can you use targeted toxins in vivo?
  • How do you recommend administration of the targeted toxin ?

Targeting Ticklers (Jokes)

Targeting Teaser Winners from last issue

Targeting Tools: New Products

Targeting Technology Tutorial

Targeting Teaser (Jumble)