Sunday – Domenica in Florence

Another beautiful day here.  Still haven’t quite figured out what a couple of the tall structures are I can see from the terrace, but I will venture across the Arno in the next day or so and see if I can figure it out.  I took it a little slower today — overdid yesterday, I think.  Decided to use my cane today.  I forget how uneven the streets and sidewalks are here.  Even in tennis shoes, I need to watch every step.  How I possibly managed in heels years ago, I do not know.  🙂  The last time I was in Milan, I marveled at how the women with the 3-4 inch stiletto heels just walked right along, seemingly without a care.  How is that even possible??

The other thing I pondered as I walked along is how people with limited mobility get around.  I didn’t see any.  No canes, no wheelchairs.  The only thing I could imagine is that they move to areas that have been modernized.  But that doesn’t seem right.  I have always thought that the older generations in Italy stayed pretty much in the same area all their lives.  A mystery to me.

Now, back to the inspiration of Florence!  You will see on the map that I am within walking distance (even for me!) of some of the greatest historical treasures.

Santa Maria del Fiore, commonly referred to as The Duomo, with the amazing Baptistry and Bell Tower.  I haven’t been inside for a few years and I think this is the perfect time to see it again.  Unfortunately I missed the International Women’s Day free entrance to the museums last Tuesday!  Ah well, it is worth the price.  And the line should not be long this early in the year.  I remember the first time I was here with Aunt Rachel we stood in line for at least an hour. . . in the hot summer sun!

Santa Maria Novella, is right next to the main train station.  It was the first basilica built in Florence I believe.  When I was here in January I walked around outside in the plaza, but it was so cold I didn’t stay long.  It would be good to go inside the church again.  Maybe later this week.  I think one main visit a day is a good goal for me for many reasons.  I need to schedule short outings to not overdo my poor knees (and the recovering stress fracture on my foot), but more importantly, I can read the historical background before I go and just let it all wash over me during the visit — soaking up the art, inspiration and history.

That’s it for today.