Santa Maria Novella and the Duomo

Today I walked 7400 steps, which seemed like much farther in the “feels like 35° weather!  Everyone was bundled up with hats, gloves and scarves.  I walked to Piazza San Marco and then headed toward the Santa Maria Novella Train Station to check on train times to travel to Calenzano tomorrow to meet with Tommaso at Italfama.  Cheryl graciously provided an introduction and Tommaso agreed to meet with me on Monday.  His business is 2 minutes from the train station there.  I hope to learn more about what it will take to ship from Italy to other European companies and what the options are for refrigerator/freezer storage and office space.

Once I figured out the best way to get my ticket and the current timetable, I walked to Piazza San Marco.  There is renovation going on there; fairly common in keeping up these historic sites.  Then I enjoyed the beauty and detail of the Duomo.  It was not so busy today.  I think the weather kept everyone indoors.  One of my best memories was my first visit to Florence with Aunt Rachel and how amazed I was at seeing the Duomo and baptistry.  I think I had a disposable camera — can that be???!  I took a few more pictures this time with my cell phone.  🙂  I am still in awe.

At that point, I was feeling quite frozen and headed back to my hotel.  Today is Domenica (Sunday) and most restaurants are chiuso (closed).  I finally gave up and decided the brie and bruschettini (crackers) I purchased in Incisa would do just fine.  And, of course, the half bottle of Chianti that was left from dinner last night!

That’s it for today.  Ciao.