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A review of studies where saporin-based conjugates were used to analyze cell mechanisms of sleep, general anesthesia, epilepsy, pain, and development of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases.
IT-01: 192-IgG-SAP
IT-03: Anti-DBH-SAP
IT-06: Anti-Mac-1-SAP
IT-10: IB4-SAP
IT-15: ME20.4-SAP
IT-16: mu p75-SAP
IT-20: Orexin-B-SAP
IT-25: Anti-DAT-SAP
IT-32: Anti-GAT1-SAP
IT-34: Galanin-SAP
IT-40: Bombesin-SAP
IT-46: Oxytocin-SAP
IT-71: Anti-vGAT-SAP

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