NGFR (192-IgG, p75) Mouse Monoclonal References

Cat #AB-N43

Zacnicte M, Ranjan K, Tobias F, Roger T, Katarina V, Juan F, Ana Lucas O, Keith F, Peggy A, Michael JL, Aaron M, Molly SS, Wolfram T, Jeff B, & Karim F. Adult Skin-Derived Precursor Schwann Cell Grafts Form Growths in the Injured Spinal Cord of Fischer Rats. (2018). Biomedical Materials, 13 (3):034101.

Objective:  To improve grafted cell survival in the injured spinal cord, which is typically low.
Summary:  It is of upmost importance to define the precise culture/transplantation parameters for maintenance of normal cell function and safe and effective use of cell therapy.
Dose:  IHC (1:500)

Iwatsuki K, Yoshimine T, Kishima H, Aoki M, Yoshimura K, Ishihara M, Ohnishi Y, Lima C. (2008) Transplantation of olfactory mucosa following spinal cord injury promotes recovery in rats. Neuroreport 19(13):1249-1252.