NK-1 Receptor Rabbit Polyclonal References

Cat #AB-N33AP

Ikeda K, Onimaru H, Inada H, Tien Lin S, Arata S, & Osumi N. Structural and Functional Defects of the Respiratory Neural System in the Medulla and Spinal Cord of Pax6 Mutant Rats. (2019) Brain Res Bull 152:107-116. doi: 10.1016/j.brainresbull.2019.07.007

Objective:  To determine whether the respiratory center in the medulla functions normally in Pax6 mutant rats.
Summary:  The Pax6 gene is involved in the functional development of the medullary respiratory center.
Dose:  Anti-NK1r was used in immunofluorescence (1:800).

Fujita M, Fukuda T, Sato Y, Takasusuki T, & Tanaka M. Allopregnanolone suppresses mechanical allodynia and internalization of neurokinin-1 receptors at the spinal dorsal horn in a rat postoperative pain model. (2018). Korean J Pain, 31 (1):10-15.

Objective: To identify a new strategy for postoperative pain management, this study investigated the analgesic effects of allopregnanolone (Allo) in an incisional pain model, and its effects on the activities of the primary afferent fibers at the dorsal horn.
Summary:  Systemic administration of Allopregnanolone inhibited mechanical allodynia and activities of the primary afferent fibers at the dorsal horn in a rat postoperative pain model. Allopregnanolone was proposed as a candidate for postoperative pain management.
Dose: Fluorescence immunohistochemistry: Six sections per animal were labeled with primary antiserum, rabbit anti-NK-1R (1:3,000).

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